Jonathan Swift

You feel comfortable with the 6 and 8 count rhythms, pass-by, lindy circle & some Charleston basics. You are familiar with the swing out and maybe even know some variations. Being a regular at swing socials, you are eager to learn new moves and discover how to improve connection with your partner. 


This is a track aimed at dancers who have started dancing in 2019, or experienced dancers who want to revisit the foundations of their dancing and build up on top of them.


James Joyce

You are a rhythmical and musical dancer, capable of improvisation, using different variations of the basics. You feel comfortable dancing to fast tempos and you like to focus on rhythm and technique in your dancing.

You attend international workshops and festivals regularly, and you may even teach on your local scene. You have been dancing on a weekly basis for 3+ years.

(This level may split in two different groups, depending on the numbers)


Bernard Shaw

(Solo Jazz)

This track is designed to surface the dancer in you! The classes are aimed to give you the tools to further develop your authentic jazz whether you have just some experience on the dance floor or you have done workshops locally and internationally.


At least 6 months experience in solo jazz OR lindy hop is recommended to sign up to this level.